Tantti® DuloCore™ Ⅱ

Tantti® DuloCore™Ⅱ is a connected macroporous monolithic resin for the purification of large biomolecules, such as DNA plasmids, mRNA, viral particles and vectors, exosomes and proteins. The next generation purification technology “DuloCore™ “represents a breakthrough relative to traditional purification process due to its ability to achieve convection flow and sustain high purification throughput at high loads, making it ideally suited for downstream manufacturing in biopharma. DuloCore™ is produced using Tantti’s patented monolithic resin manufacturing process, which enables high porosity and controllable pore size to meet specific customer needs. Its polymethacrylate based resins allow easy surface modifications and to be used in any flexible column sizes. Given these characteristics, DuloCore™ offers dramatically enhanced purification performance while reducing costs for our customers in both small-scale laboratory settings as well as in large-scale industrial production.

UniTantrix® Microcarriers

Tantti's UniTantrix® Microcarriers are macroporous, dissolvable microcarriers designed specifically for the growth of anchorage-dependent cells in a dynamic mixing environment. UniTantrix® is valued for its uniform porosity and very high interpore connectivity, resulting in a surface area of up to 6000 cm2/g and cell growth density higher than that of competitors’ microcarrier products. Also, the denatured collagen-based material that comprises UniTantrix® provides high cell attachment rates, growth yield, and cell viability. As a result, UniTantrix® is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for cell culture expansion across a wide range of applications including production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, cell and gene therapy, as well as cultured meat.

Tantti® SpherTantrix

Tantti® SpherTantrix is an innovative 3D bioscaffold material that, by way of its extensive porosity and pore connectivity, mimics the extracellular matrix that exists in living tissue. As a result of its unique structure, SpherTantrix is ideally suited for 3D cell culturing in a wide range of applications, including high throughput and content drug screening, 3D tumor or organ engineering, cell-based diagnostics, and 3D cell biology research (e.g., cancer cell biology and stem cell biology). SpherTantrix is tailored to facilitate fast formation of cell spheroids and is a cost-effective solution due to its compatibility with traditional testing equipment (e.g., microplates) and many high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) instruments.