DuloCore® Ⅱ

DuloCore® Ⅱ

  • Patented macroporous monolithic resin
  • Suitable for separation and purification of AAV (Adeno-associated virus), plasmid DNA, mRNA, exosomes, lentivirus, and other large biological particles.
  • Hydrophilic surface layer with low non-specific protein binding
  • Convective mass transportation
  • High throughput purification
  • No column clogging
  • Good lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Good durability to resist multiple CIP washing
  • Great purification efficiency to separate empty and full viral particles
  • Easy scale-up to DSP columns
  • Economic costs for single-use applications
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Application Note

Separation of Empty and Full AAV8 Capsids


Fig. 1: The results of empty and full AAV8 capsids separation using step elution method, shown through chromatogram and TEM images.

DuloCore® Q column demonstrates exceptional capability in separating empty AAV8 from the affinity purified AAV8 capsids using a  simple isocratic elution.



Purifications of Plasmid DNA


Fig. 2: The separation of impurities and plasmid DNA in the chromatogram was further confirmed by gel  electrophoresis, which demonstrated the purity of the fractions.

DuloCore® DEAE column has proven its capability in removing the impurities from the cell lysate and isolating the desired DNA plasmids. The gel electrophoresis results support high purity of the DNA fractions has been collected.














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DuloCore® Ⅱ
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